Authored by Jessie Smith

Unblock Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the biggest torrent platform in the world. Data transfers take place between users using BitTorrent technology, which allows for fast and safe file transfers. Many of the files transferred through the site could be proprietary, and the site's users represent a diverse group of file sharers. There are few limitations to what may be shared, although any content that does not correspond to the title or contains examples of child violence or other illegal acts will be deleted. The Pirate Bay, on the other hand, claims that no unauthorized materials are currently processed by the company because it merely keeps torrent content on its computer, not the files themselves. As a result, Pirate Bay has eluded all efforts to hold it liable for unauthorized file-sharing practices containing copyrighted content so far. In 2003, a Swedish anti-copyright group established the Pirate Bay. It is now a charitable corporation incorporated in the Seychelles after many ownership transfers. TPB receives legal threats on a daily basis, which it posts on its website, along with the organization's witty replies. As a part of these attacks, the organization claims that no files have ever been deleted from the site. But through the Proxy SIte you Unblock Pirate Bay.

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  • This level of data transfers must for sure require lots of security solutions in place. In our e-commerce operations at Scrascom Laptopy Poleasingowe Warszawa we for sure do not have this size of traffic involved. In any case we do our best to secure all the possible sources of risk, especially those potentially dangerous for our customers. That is why we often recommend properly installed Proxy on their computers, regardless the size. Serving mostly B2C clients, we have to understand, that their computer awareness is often well below optimal.

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