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Get Some Interesting Essay Hooks For Your Upcoming Argumentative Essay Assignments

Do you want readers to get excited about reading the opening sentences of your essay? Do you want to take help from an essay writer? Do you want your essay to get the undivided attention of the readers? Do you want your readers not to quit reading your essay after reading the first few lines? Well, it is not an easy task to get the attention of the readers when they are surrounded by so many distractions. We are living in a fast-paced world. No one has got time to read your argumentative essay when they have access to the internet and can read professionals argue about the issue under discussion.

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You can only captivate their attention if you open your essay with quite engaging sentences. In the first few sentences if you fail to invoke any interest in the heart and mind of the readers, most likely he/she will quit reading your essay. Therefore, to keep the readers reading, you must write interesting hook statements at the beginning of your essay. To do that you should know what a hook statement is, why do we need them and how can one begin composing good hook statements. In this blog we will look at all these questions and in the end, there will be some interesting essay hooks that you can use in your upcoming essays. Therefore, hang on and read this blog till the end.

So what is a hook?

It is mostly the opening line of your essay. It could be a sentence or a couple of sentences that appear at the beginning of your essay introduction and plays the role of hooking the attention of the readers. It is a catchy sentence or that serves the purpose of captivating the attention of the readers.

Why do we need an essay hook?

We need essay hooks because we want readers to read our essays with undivided attention. We need people to get excited and motivated for reading the whole content of our essay. It is used to spark curiosity among readers. It is used to set the tone of the paper. A good hook statement is crucial to make a good impression on the reader. An essay with effective hooks is mostly seen by professors with a positive attitude. If you do not know how to write an essay ask a writer to write my paper.

How to come up with a good hook for your essay?

It is not an easy task to always come up with an effective hook statement for every essay. If you ever find yourself staring at the blank computer screen, struggling to come up with a good hook statement, you should try the following strategies:

  •         Ask a rhetorical question about the subject
  •         Share a strong and unbelievable fact about the topic
  •         Think of a touchy anecdote
  •         Quote of some famous personality
  •         Share a common misconception to surprise the audience
  •         Build a scene

How to come up with a strong hook for your argumentative essay?

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to take a stand on the respective issue under discussion and then defend it and prove to the readers that your position is more reliable and strong. You will only be able to convince the reader if essay writer read your essay. Therefore, like in other kinds of essays, it is crucial to come up with a good hook statement for your argumentative essay. To do that, you can use the above-mentioned strategies.

Asking a rhetorical question

It is a great way to get people to start thinking about the subject. After reading the question, curiosity is sparked in the readers, they start looking for an answer. Even if the reader has an answer in mind, he/she will keep reading the essay to find out if he/she was right.  Below is a list of some hook example of questions for argumentative essays:

  •         Is climate change a hoax?
  •         Can you imagine being incarcerated in a small cage, wherein every aspect of your life is controlled by your keeper?
  •         Have you ever estimated your carbon footprints?
  •         What are the underlying reasons for incessant poverty across the world?

Sharing an unbelievable fact

When people learn a strong fact that they cannot even believe they try to get to the bottom of it. If you have shared a strong fact at the beginning of your essay, people will be motivated to read your entire essay to learn how credible are the facts. Look at the following hook examples:

  •         More than fifty thousand are being destroyed every minute.
  •         Hundreds and thousands of people have died of the COVID-19 and the global economy is at the helm of a worldwide depression.
  •         More than 17% of people of color who have died because of police violence were unarmed.

Using anecdote as a hook

Everybody loves to hear a story. The writer assigned to your "write my essay" request is qualified to the same academic level or higher than your writing requirements.  Therefore, it is always a great way to start an essay to procure the support and interest of the readers by sharing a brief anecdote. Below are examples of anecdote hook:

  •         X was a young boy who hung himself to death because he was being bullied by a person Y, at his school.
  •         In hurricane Katrina, my house was destroyed. Although we were able to get all my family members out of there alive, we lost our pets.  These hurricanes and other floods etc. are becoming more frequent and more destructive every day.

Quote as a hook

In an argumentative essay, you have to support your claim by quoting some credible people in the respective subject. Therefore, it is always a great idea to use a quote as a hook. You can easily find quotes online.

  •         “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.”

Sharing a common misconception

This is a great way to spark curiosity among the minds of the readers:

  •         The ozone layer is on track of healing.
  •         State any idea that is widely believed and then says that it has been proved wrong by research.

Build a scene

Everyone loves to imagine and be teleported to another place. You can start building a scene at the beginning of your essay by taking help from an essay writing service that would create a picture in the minds of the readers. Look at the following hook example:

  •         There were hundreds and thousands of animals of various types that were kept in small and crowded places. Their living condition and health were debilitating. Many of the animals were being injected with different chemicals, few were being dissected without anesthesia, many animals, still breathing, were being dumped into bins. This is the truth of animal experimentation.

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