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To start your sea adventure it is necessary to visit any Runescape port

With Planks and Nails, Saw, and Hammer in your inventory you can use it to decorate the wall. Innkeeper - This wall looks great. Now, I'm in need of a new Apron. I'll require a white apron OSRS Fire Cape, some glassblowing pipe. It is possible to take all this stuff to the northeast bank. Donate your belongings to the innkeeper.

The walls at the base of Myreque remain a challenge. I'll require five planks of wood and 25 steel nails to do this. The Innkeeper should be given everything he needs. Innkeeper: I'm fine. This is the deal. The innkeeper will give you 500gp. Innkeeper: You may speak to the guy at the bank.

Visit the bank to complete the next stage of the adventure. You are welcome, (Playername). Your efforts around here have brought the town to life. The dull, old, broken glas is making me sad. You know what is my mission? To fix the town. What are you looking for to fix it? Well, I need two pieces of Molten Glass to fix up this. The next step is to attach the glass to the booth with 25 nails and 2 planks.

Take the banker's items. Excellent. This is a bank that has solid base. These walls may require some repairs. I need eight planks as well as 50 nails to repair these walls. Bring the other things Buy RS Gold. This is a better place! I would like to have you design me a candle lantern for my outdoor space.

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