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How to fix the Facebook login issues?

We all know that Facebook is one of the most convenient and popular social networking sites that are used by people across the globe. It is a trusted platform that helps you to stay connected with each other. The Facebook login process is a very simple one; however, there are a lot of users who reported facing some technical glitches. If you are also going through the same Facebook login issues then this is the right article for you. There are many reasons why you are unable to access your Facebook account. There are many suitable solutions that are available to come out of this situation. So, let us dive in and fetch some information! How to fix the Facebook login issues? The moment you are trying to login and receive the error messages while Facebook login process, usually it is due to the setting in your account that prevents you to connect with Facebook login. To fix this, you need to follow the steps that are given below:

First of all, you need to make sure you are logged in to Facebook in your browser or the Facebook app on the device. On Facebook, you have to open the menu on the main navigation and then tap on the “Settings” option. In the next window, you have to select the “Apps” option. Just make sure the Apps, Websites, and Plugins section is “Enabled”. You need to check if the troubleshooting steps show up on the list of apps to make sure there is nothing unchecked that might block the way. If you are having trouble logging into your Facebook account.

How to recover your Facebook login account?

First of all, go to the Facebook login identify page and follow the instructions. Make sure that you are using the same computer or mobile phone that you have previously logged in with the Facebook account. Search for the account that you wish to recover. You can easily search your account by name, email address, or mobile number. Just follow the on-screen instructions to reset the account password.

How to recover a Facebook login account from a friend’s/ family’s account?

From the computer. Go to the profile of the account that you wish to recover. Click on the three- vertical dots below the cover photo. You now need to select the “Get help” or “Report Profile” option. Just select a few more options and then tap on the “Proceed” option. You now have to click on the “Recover this account” option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Wrapping up: In the end, we hope that this article has explained the process to fix the Facebook Login issues completely. However, if you are still stuck between the steps or process or you have any confusion related to the topic then you are suggested to visit the official website and get assistance from the professional experts and the technicians available to assist you round the clock.

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