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Beautiful but inconvenient solutions for an apartment. How not to do

The most daring design decisions often look impressive, but in practice they can turn out to be inconvenient. We share ideas that it is better to leave for Instagram and magazines, and prefer something more comfortable at home.


Open shelves in the kitchen

In the pictures, open shelves with beautifully arranged dishes always look magical on them. But in practice, usually the lack of upper bases in the kitchen turns into a mess. Consider if you can arrange cups, plates and decor every day? And how to remove dust? After all, it will accumulate on the shelves themselves and on the dishes. If you are not ready to sacrifice time for the sake of beauty, it is better to give preference to classic wardrobes. An intermediate option will be glazed boxes with beautiful lighting: their contents will be visible, but the glass will protect them from dust and grease.

Artificial stone sinks

Very beautiful, reliable, they cut into the countertop - what could go wrong? In fact, a lot. Black artificial stone sinks become whitish over time, and stains from cleaning agents can also appear on them. Whites turn yellow; stains can form on their surface - a sufficiently long contact with a bright dye.

Low power designer chandeliers

Multi-tiered lamps that descend to the bedside tables or dining area look spectacular. However, they are almost useless if the total power of all bulbs in the chandelier is 10 watts, and the luminous flux is limited to 800 lumens. This is enough to illuminate 4-5 square meters, no more. In an apartment, such a "light source" will simply be lost.

Cabinets with glossy fronts and push-to-open system

Looks great in any room. Especially in the kitchen. But the gloss, no matter whether it is light or dark, "collects" the traces of literally every touch. The Push to open facades cannot be opened in any other way: the mechanism comes into action exactly after pressing, and the sash swings open. This furniture means that you will have to wipe the furniture very often if you do not want to see prints all the time. However, if you do not want to give up smooth minimalistic facades, you can give preference to furniture with a special protective coating, like Mr.Doors, or choose a matte paint.

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