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What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is an online game that predicts the outcome of a match based on your knowledge of cricket. Users can create their own team from 11 players of the two teams that are participating in the match. Users must pay the entry fees to play. The prize money is awarded to the team that scores more points. Points are awarded based on batting, bowling and fielding as well as strike rate, economy rate and many other factors.

You can use many fantasy cricket app in India. These apps are aggregators that connect all players. This platform allows you to make accurate predictions and win big if you have confidence in your cricket stat knowledge.

FantasyDangal will provide fantasy predictions for all IPL matches through the FantasyDangal App. The app has experts that predict which players will perform well and which ones will fail. All this is done by pre-match analysis, which includes weather, stats, pitch, comparison, and other factors. These experts can also help you choose your FantasyDangal winning team.

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