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How To Write a Good History Essay


A historical essay is a document that tries to give a deep insight into the cause and effect of an event. This means that it will have to be critical in nature. The goal of a historical essay is not only to narrate an event but also to provide insights about its causes, how it effects people and society as a whole.

Many students believe that writing history essays will just mean filling in the blanks on some documents such as speeches, novels or articles written by historians. However, you need to realize that there are several steps involved before you even begin drafting it. You need to plan for your research from essay writing service; you need to choose from many sources so that you can be sure what information you are going with. These may seem daunting and time consuming, but with the right strategy to help you out, things will be easier.

Here are some helpful tips that will make writing a history essay easy:

  1. Start with making your outline. This will help you organize the topic in a better way and ensure that you do not miss any important points.
  2. Write down all the facts that you know about the topic, even if some of them seem irrelevant to it. This is because they may come as sparks for ideas from which you can create more relevant ones.
  3. Use quotations and use quotes to back up your information so that it gives your essay more support and authority as opposed to presenting what other people have said though paraphrasing them or simply giving readers sources where one could find these thoughts of others expressed before (this is called parenthetical referencing).
  4. It's best not to write in first person unless you are doing an autobiographical essay.
  5. It's best to have a heuristic device or thesis statement that introduces the topic for you so that you can guide your readers as they make their way through your writing. This will help prevent information overload which comes by talking too much about an event, its cause, effect and then repeating it all over again. Write in such a manner that is easy for people to understand what you are trying to bring across with the essay and not just some random facts thrown together without any reason whatsoever (if you do this either most of your readers won't get it or if they do they won't like it).
  6. Make sure that the introduction flows into each paragraph because if one has written them out of sequence they may seem disjointed.
  7. Make sure that all of your paragraphs are relevant to the topic and important for it because if you just put down random data or facts, most of your readers will not thank you for it in fact they might get frustrated by such information overload. You should be as economical with words as possible so that each one has impact and meaning because otherwise people may think that what you have written is simply too much making it difficult to concentrate on what's being said without losing them along the way due to sheer boredom.
  8. It's best not to skip any part of the essay when writing because if a reader has lost his concentration halfway through something he or she will definitely lose interest in reading more unless of course was some very important point which was skipped.
  9. Using different parts of speech in your writing is okay so long as they all enhance the flow of each paragraph and that there is a logical order to them like starting with nouns, adverbs, verbs etc… Because if you do otherwise it may make your readers confused or worse still annoyed.
  10. Don't try to be funny especially if you are not gifted when it comes to words unless you know for sure that the people you are going to be reading it will understand what you mean such as literary types because most of the time they might get every joke and might even expect one or two in your essay but normal readers will only see some kind of nonsense coming out from their screens instead of an actual essay.
  11. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation so that people can focus on your content instead of your mistakes. You can see proper use of grammar and punctuations from college essay writing service. These things may seem to be petty but if you do not get them right readers especially those who are new to reading academic essays will probably think that they have been ripped off when they actually paid for something that has glaring errors in it (at the very least because they may not know how to properly use a comma).
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  • Before you start writing your essay, it is essential to understand your assignment. The essay should have a thesis statement, introduction, and body. In the body, dwell on your arguments and evidence. Use subordinations and connections in your essay. In the conclusion, let the reader know your point of view.Visit for more info. Once you have outlined the key points of your essay, you are ready to start writing. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you begin.

  • The essay should have a thesis statement, introduction, and body. In the body, dwell on your arguments and evidence.

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