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Everyone can prepare a CV and Cover Letter with quality, so how can the Cover Letter show its own individual identity? Today I will share one of the most common ways, which is to use the method S.T.A.R when writing Cover Letter.

According to studydaddy a good result when we rearrange the cv.

A common problem is 80% of the Cover Letter that I edited so far has the listing error and description error. That is when we write Cover Letter, we often go into the path of listing skills and experience as much as possible. For example, in the Cover Letter you can write ‘I have the experience of human resources at Company A, doing Accounting at B, volunteering at C’, and also using Microsoft Office, able to ‘teamwork’, ‘communication’ and other skills. There is nothing wrong with such listings, but such information is too general and can not make a difference for you. Imagine that a friend of yours is applying for that position, they are writing the same thing as you, so what’s the difference between you and that friend?

So, I encourage everyone to write Cover Letter, use the method S.T.A.R. That is, instead of listing 10 experiences and 10 skills in a cover letter, we will spend TIME DESCRIPTION with just one or two most relevant skills and experience. For each experience, let’s write a paragraph of about 4 to 5 lines, with the following elements:

A brief introduction to the work experience you are about to mention. For example: ‘during my degree’ or ‘while working in a restaurant’.

Brief introduction of the task, the job you are assigned to that position. If you are working in a team, briefly introduce what the team is doing, then what your specific job is.

According to homework helper online this is the most important part, with the situation and the task above, what did you do to solve that task, remember YOU rather than your TEAM.

Finally the result. This part is also important because it shows the effectiveness of your work. For example, if you talk about the subject, how much you study the subject matter, if you do the sale, how many sales you locked, if you search for customers, how many customers you have contacted? etc. In general, the results should be numbers or specific names.


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example, a brief description of a student’s job: Throughout University I worked part-time as a waitress.

I utilized effective communication to help resolve the issue. I apologized and explained the reasons for the delay, and that it was not usual to have to wait this long but that I would see what I could do. I then spoke to the kitchen staff to find out how long it would be before his order was going to be ready and asked for the order to be moved to a priority: By explaining the situation to them, they were willing to prioritize it (something which they would not usually do). I also asked for an estimate as to when it would be ready. I then apologized again to the customer and gave him the estimated waiting time for his order.

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