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Zinus Shawn SmartBase Platform Bed Frame 14 Inch

Purchasing the best platform bed foundation for your platform bed is essential to reap many benefits. With the right foundation, you could get the best support for your mattress as well as your body. This base would also ensure that the structural integrity of your mattress is prolonged, as well as its lifetime. Going for a substandard mattress foundation could cancel out such luxuries and even reduce the mattress life to a great extent.

Features of this mattress foundation

It has an elevation of 14 inches, with a thickness of one inch, so the clearance under the bed frame is massive for under bed storage It assembles quickly, and so there will be no need for additional tools Most suitable for average weight people; considering that there is an “extra closet” under the bed Requires usage of a smart base headboard bracket to connect to a headboard

What I like about the Zinus Shawn 14 Inch Bed Frame

1.) Additional storage

If you are someone who hates filling the room with dressers and doesn’t have enough time hanging the clothes in the closet, the platform bed storage could be a better option for you. These beds have one or more drawers under the bed to provide additional storage space. Additionally, they could save you a lot of money you would have spent on buying an extra ton of furniture in your bedroom.

2.) Comfort and mattress protection

One of the most priceless things we value in our bedrooms is the mattress. You could spend a thousand and one dollars to acquire one if the one you’re using gets spoilt. If you put your bed in a foundation that isn’t the suitable one, not only will the mattress suffer but also your body as well. The zinus Shawn mattress foundation would protect your mattress as well as provide you with body comfort. Visit the link to read more about Zunus Shawn Bed Frame

Things to look out for

Before buying a smart base mattress foundation, it is vital to look out for the following items before completing the order:

1.) Weight and size of the mattress

If you already have a mattress you like, selecting a new foundation becomes a little easier. A full-size mattress would need a double bed frame, and a queen-size mattress would require a large frame. If the mattress size is slightly different from the bed foundation, you will have trouble while trying to fit it in the bed.

2.) Your decorating style

Choosing the right style of foundation is paramount for anyone. This is because the bedroom is the focal point for anyone’s home, and so it should create a perfect condition for you as you enter inside the room. For instance, if you prefer a sleek and contemporary look, a metallic foundation would be best for you. Once you have known the best one for you, select what suits you best


There could be a ton of designs to choose from, but each foundation has lots of pros that come with it. From the additional storage under the bed to other spices that add up to your bedroom, you have every reason to own one! If you want a more stylish bed, try the best platform bed frame

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