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Mexican state laws regarding emotional support animals - 2022 Guide

Well, living in Mexico does not sound like a problem to have an ESA but what if you are new to that country and you do not know what laws they have for your pet then maybe you can face some problems. In natural products, can dogs eat apples? Indeed they can. Its great for their wellbeing. This problem can be about taking an Emotional support animal with you to a public place or keeping me with you in the house. So, you should always know the laws which are important for your and your pet’s comfort.



I have a question for you here, do you know Federal laws about the ESA?


If your answer is yes, then it would be easy for you to understand the Mexican laws because they are close to the laws given by the Federal government. However, you just need to remember that your esa letter makes your pet different from the service pets and so, the rules are always different for both too. It's like a line is drawn between the ESA and Service animals to treat them differently.


So, for your inconvenience, I am going to outline Mexican rules and regulations for ESA which are important for you to understand.


So, stay here with me and get ready to know some facts about the Mexican law for ESA.


Housing Laws for ESA


Always remember, your ESA is different from normal pets.


Yes, you cannot consider them like others because they are with you to provide emotional assistance and they are also part of your medication process as well. So, before taking an esa letter online, you have to make sure that you know about the FHA, Fair Housing Act which is passed by the federal government for the support of ESA and their owners. This FHA is also different for both ESA and the service animals.


Now, you must be wondering what rights FHA gives to the ESA owner? So, here is your answer.


The landlord of any building can not stop you from keeping an emotional support animal with your because according to FHA, even if some residency has a ‘pet ban’ or they have ‘no pet rule’, they can not question your ESA. For getting vitamin C, can dogs eat oranges? Indeed, canines can eat oranges. You just have to show them the letter and you and your pet are good to go. The reason behind it is that no discrimination can be accepted against people with a physical disability or mental illness and their pets will be considered as part of their medical procedure.

There is another rule for your benefit.


If your owner is charging you with the extra security deposit fee or to pay the pet rent then, he/she is wrong here and you can file a complaint against them. FHA has strictly restricted the landlord to take an extra fee for the ESA especially when the person has an emotional support animal letter and they have to give you extra accommodations for the pet. Even under this act, you are allowed to take the ESA with you in the college or university dorm and no obligations will be imposed on you.


Laws about taking an ESA to the Flights


Travelling can be a major dream of a person with a mental illness and maybe you are finding a way to go put with the ESA pet.


Well, here is a Mexican law at your rescue.


Many Mexican airlines are very supportive when it comes to the ESA because they want to provide every support to their customer so they do not feel discriminated against or different from other people. In vegetables, can dogs eat tomatoes? Indeed, tomatoes are thought of as nontoxic to canines. But, in this supportive behavior, they also have some requirements which should be known to you and you have to fulfill them in order to go on a flight.


So, here are some Mexican rules for flying with your ESA.


  •         You should get a health certificate for your ESA in which it is mentioned that your pet is healthy to travel and does not have any disease.
  •         You need to get a health certificate within five days of departure.
  •         If you are doing the Rabies immunization then, it would be within the daily limit of 30 days while for the different breeds, this time limit can exceed.
  •         According to the Air Carrier Access Act ACCA, emotional support animals are also allowed in the cabins with their owners but it also depends on the size of the animal you have.
  •         These facilities are provided by multiple Mexican airlines and some of the popular airlines are VivaAerobus, Volaris, and Aeromexico.
  •         However, if your pet size is big and it cannot be accommodated in the cabin then, it can go through the parcel service of the airline so you have to check the rules regarding the size and breed of the ESA.
  •         Some of the airlines can charge you a fee for the size of the pet because they cannot come in the category of the service dogs and so, they lack training and chances of damages are possible.


As a whole, these are the few rules that are made by the federal government and the Mexican state government as they do not want people with physical disabilities and mental illness to feel discriminated against. In case of any emergency or emotional breakdown, these emotional support animals act as a medication for the owners so, they are mostly allowed at flights, housing societies, and flights.


Now, as you are aware of the Mexican laws and you are aware of the rules, you can always go for getting an ESA for yourself. 


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