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How to write a high-quality compare and contrast essay?

         An essay can be considered as a combination of ideas and arguments. It indicates a person's viewpoint as well as information about a particular topic. You might have come across different types of the essay such as formal and informal essays. Formal essays are academic and usually deal with educational and informative topics while informal essays might depict humorous situations and elements. A compare and contrast essay is also one of the formal types of essays. In this type of essay, a description of the similarities and differences between the two subjects is provided.  In the essay, you can write about the contrasting aspects or the comparison of two subjects, or both the aspects can be defined.


The two subjects must be connected in a meaningful way such that the subjects might belong to the same genre, species, group, or class.  Therefore, you would have to find the subtle differences or unexpected similarities between the two correlated subjects. For instance, as a fair comparison essay, you can choose to compare the fuel consumption of two sports cars rather than comparing a sports car with a bus. Writing a high-quality compare and contrast essay is a challenging task for a beginner, however, ask an expert to Write my essay, to save yourself from any stressful situation.



Writing a high-quality compare and contrast essay

This blog has some useful suggestions that can help you in writing a perfect essay.

  1. Planning your essay

Before writing the essay, take these steps

  •         Conduct a thorough research

To write a high-quality essay, you must conduct rigorous research to develop an original viewpoint regarding the subjects.

  •         Select a perfect topic

The preliminary research will help you to devise a suitable topic that must be concise and clear.

  •         Outline your essay

Before writing an essay, you must outline the essay which will help you to manage the information that you have already researched.

  1. Following a standard format

To write a perfect compare and contrast essay, it must follow a standard format, which is explained as under:

  •         The introductory paragraph

Start the paragraph with an interesting statement or a rhetorical question so that it can hook your audience. It should also include a general overview and background information regarding the two subjects. However, keep in mind that this information should be focused on explaining your viewpoint regarding the similarities or differences between the two subjects.

A thesis statement should also be included at the end of this paragraph, which should represent your standpoint on the subjects. Formulating a strong thesis statement is the most vital step of essay writing; therefore an essay writing service can be consulted if you are still stuck at this point.

  •         The main body of the essay

The main body of the essay should be divided into several paragraphs; at least five paragraphs. Each paragraph must have arguable topic sentences which should relate to the thesis statement. Each paragraph should carry a different idea that is focused on explaining the comparison or contrasting aspects of the subjects.

  •         The concluding paragraph

At the start of this paragraph, rephrase your thesis statement. Include all the main arguments in brief sentences and summarize important points. Wrap up the whole discussion in such a way that the readers can be convinced regarding your viewpoint.


  1. Locating evidential information

Your argument is merely an assumption if you failed to provide relevant information from research studies and books. For this purpose, you must conduct rigorous research to locate background information. You can download published articles and books from Google Scholar, online libraries, and scholarly journals. write essay for me online site are available on the internet.


You must properly cite each source according to the rules of APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, or any other citation style. For this purpose, you can cite the sources manually or use online apps for arranging and recording the sources. Information extracted from these sources will help you to validate your arguments.


Without proper citation of the sources, you might be committing academic dishonesty or you might experience a higher percentage of plagiarism. To avoid plagiarizing your essay, properly cite each source, especially the extracted statistics and facts. You will also have to provide a detailed list containing the complete information of each source such as the name of the author, publisher, publication year, and complete title of the source.


  1. Considering the Do’s and Don’ts of a compare and contrast essay
  •         Try to avoid comparing or contrasting irrelevant and unrelated subjects. The professional essay writer online is the best writer to help us in writing.
  •         Avoid writing confusing arguments, topic sentences, and thesis statements; however, the thesis statement should not be obvious and based on facts only.
  •         Avoid using wordy sentences; instead, research different aspects of the subject to collect enough information for the essay.  
  •         Follow a logical order to avoid the non-coherent flow of argumentation.
  •         Stay away from using any fallacies in your write-up.
  •         Use formal academic language, free of any jargon and slang.
  •         Use evidential information that is updated and in most cases, not older than five years.
  •         Do not use emotive language to pressurize your readers to consider your stance as the right one. Instead, try to persuade the audience with the help of strong arguments and evidence from other studies that support your stance.
  1. Reviewing the essay

Before the final submission of the essay, read it several times. This final activity will help you to avoid any grammatical and structural mistakes. In the final review, try to assess your essay from a reader’s point of view. Thus, if you feel your essay is not interesting enough; consult an essay writer who will help you in writing an A grade essay. 




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