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Exam: bad advice. What not to do before exams

What to do if you are like that dragonfly from a fairy tale? The school year is coming to an end, exam time is approaching, and you haven't started preparing yet? It is likely that you are trying to find a solution to the problem, coming up with the most incredible plans and ideas.

So what should not be done when preparing for the exam?
Make phone calls to dubious courses that promise to prepare you for the exam in a month and a half.
In fact, all high-quality courses are designed for six months, or even 8 months of preparation. Many argue that it is optimal to start training from the middle of the 10th grade.

The maximum that you can count on when attending a one and a half month course is that you will get rid of some knowledge gaps and be able to solve the tasks of part A.

Instead: solve a large number of exam tests, determine which subjects you have the most difficulty with. And spend the remaining months on dense studies on them. But tests are good, but you still need to write a written work. Using Bidforwriting you will be able to prepare well for the exam. You will also learn how to write an essay correctly.

Prepare all sorts of technical devices and write cheat sheets
Of course, there were cases when applicants managed to use cell phones during the exam and make a “call to a friend”.

But do not forget that if you are noticed, they will simply be kicked out of the exam, and a special commission will decide whether to allow you to retake the exam.In addition, even if you call mom-dad-friend-girlfriend, it is not at all a fact that they will be able to find the answer quickly, and most importantly, correctly.

Instead: during the year, learn to answer exam questions carefully and with concentration and fill out the forms correctly. Try to write a lot of essays before the exam. With the help of thesis writing service, you will learn how to correctly compose thesis in your essay and describe them in a quality manner. According to statistics, it is known that many applicants receive low scores due to excitement, the inability to gather and concentrate and correctly write down the answer to the question. Keep in mind that if during the exam you spoil the form, you will be forced to sign up for a reserve day of the exam. Therefore, it is better to write a lot of written work at home, because if you revise my essay, then you can edit and rewrite. This will not happen on the exam and therefore it is important to carefully prepare for this at home.

Buy ready-made assignments with solutions for the exam.

The explanation for this is simple - such answers simply do not exist in nature. And even if your classmate comes running and boasts with joyful eyes of the address of the site where he found all the solutions for the exam - do not believe it.

There are a large number of scammers on the network who profit from the most sought-after things. The scheme is simple - you need to send an SMS, and in return receive an access password, according to which you can download all the options for tasks for all exams within a day.The owners of such sites claim that “tasks were received at the stage of generating options by creating a backup copy when transferring tasks from the FIPI data bank to the FCT database. That is, we guarantee that the options in our archives are identical to the reference ones.

There is a list of such scam sites on the official exam site.
Instead: you can buy a book with examples of exam assignments or find official demo versions of exams and solve several options a day.

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