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How to Find a Credible Research Article – Guide 2022


You will be forgiven to believe that all research papers are credible because we presume that research papers, given their name, are credible. However, the fact is, not all research papers are credible. There is a lot of research, done across the world, that is not credible. People learn this with experience to differentiate credible research articles from those research articles that are not credible.


As a student, it is important to understand the difference between credible research articles and those which are not credible. Students often consider research papers as a secondary source of education. Therefore, if they rely upon research articles that are not credible, might mislead the students in the wrong direction. Students also use several articles for their studies and their research purposes. People cite these research papers in their papers, which might result in the incredibility of their writings. You can ask an essay writer to write an essay for me.


There are several reasons for people to do research that is not credible. The most significant reason is political or ideological biases. Many researchers are victims of biases and this reflects in their publications. To be biased against a certain thing is neither good nor bad. However, biased research articles are not credible, and therefore, should not be used for personal research papers.



You might assume why is it important to take care of the year of publication. the research evolves with the time when new facts are found. Therefore, make sure to use the latest research article. Whenever I used to write my essay, I think that finding the latest research papers is difficult. How to find them? Finding the latest research articles is simple if you are using google scholar for this purpose.


Google scholar gives the facility to choose articles from a certain time bracket. On the left side of google scholar, there is a filter, you can use that filter to set the years of your liking and you will find the latest article. The general method which most people use is that they go to Google Scholar and search for articles. Google Scholar is a good place where you can find quality research papers that are credible as well. It is important to know that research is an evolutionary knowledge that builds upon previous achievements of genius minds. Therefore, the first thing that should be taken care of is the year of publication.


Besides that, there is also another thing that should be focused on to get credible research papers. You should search for the credibility of the author of the article. If the author is a renowned researcher and has published a lot of research, you can assume that the author is credible, and so is the article. You might see this activity as hectic, however, it is important for the credibility of your article. If you are stuck, you can always take help from a professional essay writer and ask him to write my essay for me.


However, if you plan to do it yourself, make sure you know the author's credibility before using their work. Other than that, make sure the article you are using is not politically motivated. It is observed that governments or other powerful entities use researchers to research in the favor of their interests. It is not mandatory to mention them here, nevertheless, they are not easy to trace. To give try, you can check the author's country or from where the research article is published.


Given the complexity of this check, you can get help from a professional essay writing service that can perform this credibility check for you. However, if you want to do it yourself, it might take some experience to find out. For instance, it is believed that during the cold war, both parts of the world did a lot of propaganda with the use of academia to defame other ideologies. This has been a wide practice by both sides. Make sure you do not use such articles in your work.


Another important check, to find a credible research article, is to look for the references used. This is a powerful method through which you can easily determine the credibility of the research article. For instance, if the author of the research article has used sufficient numbers of references to support her/his claim, it can be assumed as credible. Other than that, make sure the references used in the article are also credible. If the author has used sources for her/his research and did not exploit the meanings of the text from the source, it can be considered credible.


To sum it all, it is important to find and utilize credible research articles for understanding, or the use of research. The first step to consider is to look for the recently published articles. Recently published articles provide the most advanced knowledge. Similarly, you should look for the credibility of the author. It is a good convention to look for the research articles that are authored by the subject experts. Subject experts have a good command of the topic; therefore, they provide the best analyses on the topic. Other than that, another important factor to decide the credibility of the research article is the number of references. References are an important part of the research, and make sure that the article you are considering credible, must have a sufficient number of references. 


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