Authored by Jordan Huiju

Creative Jewelry Packaging

Shenzhen Huiju Packaging Design Co., Ltd. is a cutting-edge design company integrating jewelry and props, earring box packaging, custom earring packaging, creative jewelry packaging etc. Also known as jewelry packaging manufacturers globally.

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    • Opensea clone script is a Prefabricated, multi-tested, and white-label NFT marketplace that works similarly to Opensea. The opensea clone script by Hivelance is a fully customisable NFT marketplace built on top of a blockchain network that enables users to list, mint, and exchange NFTs. Our opensea clone script is designed with market-pulling features that render trading digital collectibles like artwork, photos, videos, music, memes, domain names, etc. safe and quick. To protect NFT assets from hacking and attacks, the marketplace is created with a robust architecture, APIs, and security implementation.

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