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How to help your children when they go to school

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Whatever problems arise, the child should not be afraid to go to the parents for help. And in order to build such relationships, parents should be able to adequately perceive children's problems, not to devalue them, but not to exaggerate them either.
If you are faced with a difficult situation, you need to figure it out together with your child and find the best solution. If you can't do your homework, use to help him. In this way, you can support your child. Remember: children can solve most problems on their own, but it is important for them to know that they are not alone, they will be supported and insured.
Developing emotional intelligence
Before entering school, you need to make sure that the child has reached sufficient emotional maturity. Emotional maturity is the ability to express one's feelings in socially acceptable ways and to self-contain (control) emotions. If not, then help him write a lot of written work, as this allows you to pour out your emotions on a piece of paper. Using proofreading services like you can show how to do it right. This way you can help him with his emotions.
Often first-graders react with stormy tears to the usual remark of the teacher. Or they get angry when a teacher celebrates another child's accomplishments. These are examples of emotional immaturity. But this does not need to be done, but it is better to develop yourself in order to achieve success in learning. There is which helps in developing for learning.This is a very effective way to achieve emotional maturity. But that's not all, since the task of parents consists of:
Name feelings and emotions, recognize them (any emotions and feelings have the right to exist), show adequate (appropriate situations) ways of expression;
Observe. If the child is not yet “ripe”, do not rush to send him to school. It is better to go a year later, because emotions are our main tool for interacting with the outside world, they are necessary for assimilation of new experience. Development largely depends on how we master this tool.
There are certain age norms for the formation of emotional maturity, but they are rather soft: one child can be quite emotionally mature at 6 years old, the second one will be formed by 8 years old.
For example, getting angry or upset is normal and natural. And how and when to express it correctly, the child needs to be shown, mainly by his own example. Also, the child is easily carried away by something and loses attention to important things. This is not bad, you just need to learn to notice these impulses and sometimes hold on. Indeed, at school, he will have to not be distracted in the classroom, listen carefully to the teacher, even if it would be more interesting to watch a bird sitting on a branch in front of the window.
It is important to remember that curiosity is a natural driver of learning motivation. You have to handle it very carefully!

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