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The principle of tolerance in teaching.

It implies a tolerant, non discriminatory attitude towards students who have certain difficulties in learning without using best essay writer and having adaptation disorders. The principle of variability implies that there are several options for organizing remedial and developmental education that take into account the prevailing pedagogical practice in the region (rayon, municipality). Pedagogical practice, human and financial resources, and the level of scientific-methodical support. 23. 23. TEACHING METHODS There are as many good methods as there are good teachers. Д. Poya 2.7.1. METHOD AS A MULTIDIMENSIONAL PHENOMENON The search for an answer to the traditional didactic question "How teaching?" leads us to the category of teaching methods. Without methods and it is impossible to achieve the goal, to realize the intended content, to fill learning with cognitive activity. The method - the core of the learning process, the link between the planned goal and the final result. Its role in the system "goals - content - methods - forms - learning tools" is decisive. The teaching method (from Greek metodos - literally: the way to something) is an orderly activity of a teacher and students, aimed at achieving a given learning goal. Learning methods (didactic methods) are often understood as a set of ways, ways of achieving goals, solving problems of education. In the pedagogical literature, the concept of the method of helping students write essays using sometimes refers only to the activities of the teacher or to the activities of students. In the first case it is appropriate to talk about methods and in the second case, the methods of teaching. If we are talking about the joint work of the teacher and students, then, undoubtedly, here, manifest methods of teaching. In the structure of teaching methods techniques are distinguished. The method is an element of the method, its component, a single action, a single step in the implementation of the method or a modification method in the case when the method is small and simple in structure. The teaching method is a complex, multidimensional, multivalent formation. The method of teaching reflects the objective regularities, goals, content, principles, and forms of learning. The dialectics of the connection between the method and other categories The dialectics of the connection between the method and other categories of didactics is reciprocal: being derived from the goals of content, forms of learning, methods at the same time have reverse and very noticeable influence on the formation and development of these categories.

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