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The best Iranian restaurant in Dubai Looking for a great Iranian restaurant in Dubai? Look no further than this one!


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Quick Facts About Persian Food

Iranians love to eat, and they pride themselves on some of their signature recipes. Some of these include rice dishes like chelo kebab and fish, stewed chicken with walnuts and sour pomegranate sauce, kashk e bademjan (eggplant dip), tahdig (deep-fried rice), sangak (flatbread) with butter and cheese or jam. Persian food is also well known for its salads which are full of herbs, onion and lemon juice.


An Introduction to Persian Cuisine

Traveling around Dubai you can spot Persian restaurants everywhere, but we often get asked about Persian cuisine and just what makes it so special. To give you an idea of what to expect from it, here’s an introduction to Persian Cuisine that will have you looking forward to your next visit to any of these restaurants in no time.


Common Dishes of Persian Cuisine

Food plays an integral role in Persian culture, and authentic Persian food reflects that. From an early age, Persians are introduced to various regional dishes that are native to their hometowns. A sampling of these regional delicacies includes ash-e reshteh (Tehrani noodles), chelo kabab (juicy ground meat patties grilled on a skewer), and faludeh (rose water custard) to name just a few.


5 Great Persian Restaurants In Dubai

The Persian cuisine can be pretty polarizing. Some people love it, while others think that Fesenjan (an Iranian walnut stew) tastes like furniture polish. If you’re in that second camp, here are five Persian restaurants that will let you discover new flavors and make your mouth smile. And no, shirin polo with cinnamon and saffron doesn’t count... ;)


Frequently Asked Questions About Persian Restaurants In Dubai

What is Basmati rice? What does it look like? Is Basmati rice expensive? How do I cook Basmati rice? Why do we put cardamom in basmati rice? Is it good for your stomach or should I avoid it because of cholesterol issues? Where can I find Persian restaurants in my area that are halal and serve authentic Persian food? Can you tell me more about sushi in Dubai and what distinguishes Persian restaurants from sushi restaurants?


Worth Checking Out – Do’s and Don’ts When Having Lunch at an Iranian Restaurant

Whether you’re planning on visiting Iran, or just want to know how to best enjoy an Iranian restaurant in your area, here are some of our top dos and don’ts when having lunch at an Iranian restaurant. In many areas, especially in Europe and North America, there are hundreds of Persian restaurants to choose from. Their reputation speaks loudly about their popularity – and we think you should definitely do your research before heading out!


Where To Find the Best Restaurants In Tehran, Iran – 3 Things to Consider Before Visiting Tehran, Iran.

With restaurants in Tehran that continue to be ranked among some of the best in world, one might think there’s no need to find out where they are. And while it’s true that many eateries can be found just about anywhere on any given street, there are also eateries in Tehran with something special that set them apart. Discover three things you should consider before visiting Tehran and decide which of these places you must try on your trip.

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