Authored by Kamal Habib

Why Shees Park in Sharjah is quickly becoming the go-to destination for locals and tourists alike.


While the UAE boasts many stunning attractions, Shees Park Sharjah  stands out from the crowd, thanks to its stunning views and the eco-friendly way it was built. The 1km-long park recently welcomed its 200,000th visitor and has become one of Sharjah’s most visited landmarks in recent years, with tourists flocking to it from across the emirates as well as beyond. Here are 5 reasons why Shees Park has fast become one of the UAE’s top attractions and is becoming more and more popular with both locals and tourists alike.


What is so special about this park?

Most of Sharjah’s tourist attractions are limited to hotels, souks, beaches, and nature reserves. However, thanks to a new project, Shees Park will soon be added to that list!


What’s there to do?

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, there are plenty of things to do at Shees Park which include: walking around, playing volleyball, jogging, running laps, flying kites, riding bikes and rollerblading. While there are also picnic areas where you can sit and enjoy a family meal or simply chill out with friends to have some good old fun!


How much does it cost?

Everyone likes to know how much something costs, so knowing up front just how much it’s going to cost you before deciding if it’s worth a visit can help you decide if a particular place is worth your while. The best part? You don’t have to call anyone or stop by in person; you can usually find prices right on their websites. Just another perk of staying connected in today’s world!


How do I get there?

Khorfakkan has always been an ideal weekend getaway, but with its latest attraction, it’s becoming a vacation hotspot! Located in Khorfakkan is Shees Park, offering a variety of activities and places to stay within walking distance. To reach Shees park you’ll have to take a 15 minute drive from Dubai.


Cool things nearby when you’re done at the park

Just because you’re hanging out at one of Khorfakkan’s most beautiful spots doesn’t mean you can’t check out what else town has to offer. Enjoy a stroll along the waterfront, pick up some seafood from one of many restaurants, or head to Heritage Village to see traditional Emirati heritage and artisanship at its finest!

Visit WASILA to see more information.

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