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Best Leaf Blower and Leaf Vacuum Mulcher 2022

Leaf blowers can take a lot of work off your hands while maintaining your garden. A leaf blower offers more options where you may have used a rake before. We have therefore listed the best leaf blowers and leaf vacuum mulchers of 2024 below.

We paid attention to the power, the weight, the maximum blowing speed, and of course, the price. Ultimately, the Eurom Gardencleaner 3000 came out on top in the test. Yet there are four other good leaf blowers to mention. Let's take a look at that.

Best Leaf Blower 2022

Best Buy Leaf Blower - EUROM Gardencleaner 3000 Best Tested Leaf Blower - Wolf Garten LBV 2600 E Best Battery Blower - BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L20 Best Professional Leaf Blower - McCulloch GB355BP Best Gasoline Leaf Blower - McCulloch GB322

Compare leaf blowers

#1- EUROM Gardencleaner 3000 - Best Buy Leaf Blower

Pros and cons

Suction and shredding function - Nose wheel - Extra handle - Price Socket - Adjustable speed

Let's start with not only the best leaf blower vacuum mulcher of 2022 but also the cheapest leaf blower from this review, the Eurom Gardencleaner 3000. In addition to the good price, you also benefit from the suction and shredding function with this leaf blower.

Suction and shredding function

The big advantage of this functionality is that you don't have to rake the leaves yourself. As soon as you use the suction function of the leaf blower, the leaves are sucked up, shredded, and collected again in the collection bag. You then empty this, and you have a beautifully clean garden again.

A disadvantage is that no adjustable speed is used. The adjustable speed is useful if you want to blow the leaves less far away. You can also use this if you want to blow away wet leaves, for example, since they are much heavier.

Physical Features

Regarding physical features, there are several important advantages of the best leaf blower of 2022. This is the nose wheel at the front. You can use this to steer over the ground, so you don't have to continuously carry the full weight of the leaf blower mulcher.

In addition, the extra handle ensures that you have more grip. You can hold it more easily and steer better. Unfortunately, we have also seen that a socket is used. This means that you must have electricity in your garden!

If you want to buy this leaf blower, you can take advantage of many nice extras that are supplied:

Different nose wheels carrying strap 35-liter collection bag Instruction manual

The best leaf vacuum mulcher blower of 2022 because of the competitive price and the suction and shredding function!

#2 - Wolf Garten LBV 2600 E - Best tested leaf blower vacuum mulcher

Pros and cons

Secateurs - Nose wheel - Suction and shredding function - Air volume Electric Leaf Blower - Adjustable Speed

One of the best electric leaf blowers is the Wolf Garten LBV 2600 E. This Wolf Garten leaf blower not only has a very competitive price but also has a supplied pruning string. This also allows you to cut the plants and trees before starting the leaf blower.

Best leaf blowers

Because you can also use the supplied nose wheel with this leaf blower, the weight of fewer than 4 kilograms is further reduced. This means you can also use it for larger projects. It is also very suitable for professionals. This is also due to the large air volume of the leaf blower vacuum mulcher, which has an air volume of 960 m3/h, which means that you can also use it for more than just leaves, even for the coarser garden waste after gardening. Think of:

Larger branches Plastic beakers wet leaves Larger dirt or waste

In our opinion, the suction and shredding function is also a big advantage. Because this Wolf Garten leaf blower is one of the most powerful leaf blowers, you can also use it to shred the coarser dirt.

The points for improvement

There are two areas for improvement that we should note. Although we are dealing with a very good leaf blower, we must mention that it is an electric leaf blower. This makes it less suitable, for example, for extremely large gardens with fewer electricity points.

In addition, no adjustable speed has been used with this leaf blower. This means you always blow at the same speed. So if you want to blow off the leaves less, you can control that less well. This is worth improving. The best tested affordable leaf blower because of the included nose wheel and secateurs!

#3 - BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L20 - Best battery leaf blower vacuum mulcher

Pros and cons

Battery leaf blower - Other tools - Extra handle - Adjustable speed Battery Charging - Air Volume

In our opinion, this Black + Decker leaf blower is the best leaf blower vacuum mulcher that works on a battery. With the BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L20-QW, you get a very good leaf blower that you can use in the entire garden without looking for electricity everywhere.

Electric Leaf Blower

This electric leaf blower is also equipped with an extra handle to give you more grip while blowing the leaf. You can choose whether or not to use the handle. The extra handle is screwed on or removed in no time at all.

A big advantage of the battery of this leaf blower is that you can also use it on various other tools. For example, you can use it for the following Black+Decker tools:

pressure washer Drilling machines circular saws Lawnmowers

As you will understand, it is a disadvantage that the battery has to be changed over time. Therefore, ensure you plug the battery into the socket after use. If you have forgotten this, the 36-volt battery can be fully recharged within one hour.

The use

We used the leaf blower in the morning when the leaves were still on the wet side. This is where one of the drawbacks of the leaf blower comes into play. This is because it only has an air volume of 204 m3/h, making it less suitable for coarser work.

An advantage during use is that you can regulate the speed of this electric leaf blower. This is useful if you don't want the leaves and sand to stick to the car, for example. We've tried to blow at the fastest blowing speed, but it still struggles with wet leaves.

Enjoy the advantage of the best battery leaf blower of 2022 with this leaf blower from Black+Decker!

#4 - McCulloch GB355BP - Best Professional Leaf Blower

Pros and cons

Gasoline Leaf Blower - High Power - Blowing Speed ​​- Backpack Maintenance - Weight

What sets this McCulloch leaf blower apart from the competition is that it is one of the best professional leaf blowers available. This is because it is a petrol backpack blower, which generally has more power than other leaf blowers.

Gasoline Leaf Blower

One of the great advantages of the McCulloch GB 355BP is that it runs on petrol. Compared to other leaf blowers, this has the advantage that you do not need a cord to use the leaf blower. You can easily carry it on your back and use it for the larger leaves and gardens.

We can see that the leaf blower has a lot of power from the blowing speed, air volume, and sound produced. Although the noise in other leaf blowers, in particular, is a lot less, the louder sound also has consequences for the performance. These look like this:

Blowing speed up to 355 km/h Adjustable speed The air volume of 847 m3/h Maximum noise level of 113 dB

One of the disadvantages of petrol leaf blowers is that they require very careful maintenance. You can compare this with a petrol lawnmower. If these are not properly maintained, it is very bad for the life of the leaf blower.

The weight

Another big disadvantage compared to the other leaf blowers is the weight of the McCulloch leaf blower. This one is on the heavy side, with a weight of no less than 9 kilograms. Despite being a backpack leaf blower, it can become irritating over time. So you should keep a close eye on this!

One of the best petrol leaf blowers is the backpack and is very suitable for the larger gardens!

#5 - McCulloch GB322 - Best petrol leaf blower

Pros and cons

Petrol variant - Blowing speed - Extra handle - Price Suction and shredding function - Carrying strap

Let's start by stating that this is a very solid leaf blower for a competitive price. Although it still produces 102 dB, it is the quietest leaf blower in this review. A true silent leaf blower does not exist purely because the motor is needed to get the leaves away.

Powerful leaf blower

With a blowing speed of up to 322 km/h, this is a very powerful leaf blower compared to other types of leaf blowers. This is an obvious characteristic of a petrol leaf blower. Due to the air volume of 584 m3/h, this is even sufficient to blow away wet leaves.

With this petrol leaf blower, you also do not need an extension cord, while compared to the other petrol leaf blowers from McCulloch, it is also a cheaper leaf blower. It is, therefore, the best buy leaf blower if we look at the different gasoline leaf blowers that we have looked at.

Unfortunately, we do miss one part of this leaf blower: the suction and shredding function. You can use this form: shred leaves sucking up leaves Collect leaves in the collection bag

Unlike, for example, a lawnmower, there is no included collection bag. This means you must work with a rake to get the leaves together.

Handling the leaf blower

When handling the leaf blower, we have both an advantage and disadvantages to note. First of all, we see that an extra handle has been used so that you can hold the leaf blower more easily and firmly. Given the blowing speed, this is certainly necessary.

Unfortunately, we do see that no carrying strap has been used that is included. With a weight of 4.8 kilograms, this is a disadvantage. After prolonged use, and by that, we mean longer than an hour, weight does start to play a role. A carrying strap would not be an unnecessary luxury. The best petrol leaf blower of 2022 because of the high blowing speed and the handy handle.

How we compared leaf blowers

When comparing the different leaf blowers, we looked at some important criteria. We only included the leaf blowers that could meet these criteria. Once this was the case, we also included it in our review of the best leaf blowers of 2022. The criteria are:

At least 200 km/h: First of all, the blowing speed of the different leaf blowers. We have a minimum blowing speed of 200 km/h so that you can easily blow away both dry and wet leaves. 200 km/h is the minimum for this.

Noise level maximum 115 decibels: We also looked at criteria in the field of noise. We have taken 115 decibels as a maximum so that the nuisance remains somewhat within limits. We would advise you to also use the earplugs when using a powerful leaf blower. You can also use this for a lawn mower, for example.

Extra handle: All our leaf blowers from our review also have an extra handle or can be worn on the back. That way, it is more manageable, you have more grip, and you are less bothered by the weight of the leaf blower.

Weight: As a final criterion, we examined the weight of the leaf blowers, with a maximum weight of 5 kilograms. An exception has been made for one leaf blower since you can carry this leaf blower on your back.

Which leaf blowers have we compared?

We researched, tested, and compared 12 leaf blowers from 9 brands.

We've taken a closer look at the following leaf blowers to find out which are the best for 2022.

What should you pay attention to when buying a leaf blower? 2022 Buying Guide

When buying a leaf blower, a consumer must pay attention to several important aspects. Depending on your situation, it can differ enormously which leaf blower is most suitable. Below we have listed many aspects that you should take into account when buying the right leaf blower:

Propulsion: First of all, there is propulsion that you should pay attention to. If you opt for an electric leaf blower, you must also have a connection to a socket in your garden. You do not have this with a battery and petrol leaf blower. So check carefully what applies to you.

Blowing capacity: In addition, there is also the blowing capacity. The blowing power is the blowing speed coming out of the leaf blower. A leaf blower between 250 and 300 kilometers per hour is suitable for wet leaves or grass from a lawn mower or robotic lawnmower. In comparison, a leaf blower at more than 300 kilometers per hour is especially suitable for professionals who work in the garden for a long time.

Weight: Since many have to carry the leaf blower for a long time, you do not want a very heavy leaf blower. That is why many manufacturers make backpack models for heavier models. However, this is also reflected in the price of the leaf blower.

Suction and shredding function: Finally, we have the suction and shredding function. Some leaf blowers have these extra features to suck up leaves and shred them. Of course, this also affects the price of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of leaf blower do I need?

The type of leaf blower mainly depends on the size of the garden. With a large garden, you have an advantage if you use a petrol leaf blower. This is mainly due to the freedom of movement and the fact that it is a bit more powerful. Electric leaf blowers are light again and suitable for smaller tasks in the garden.

How does a leaf blower work?

A leaf blower works based on a motor. This motor drives the fan that eventually produces the airflow. This airflow is forced out through a narrow opening, releasing the air. The higher the pressure, the more air velocity is produced.

What is a leaf blower for?

A leaf blower can serve several purposes. For example, it can be used to blow away leaves, but you can also use it to clear the lawn of grass or leaves after it has been mowed with a lawnmower.

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