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Their menu turned out to be "more attractive" than you might think

Carnivorous dinosaurs not only ate meat, but also hunted fish. Or herbivorous dinosaurs, although their menu is entirely grass, but also very diverse.

There is a very common myth that dinosaur eating habits are boring and monotonous. While carnivorous dinosaurs will always eat meat, herbivorous dinosaurs will also be vegetarian - just like today's cattle. However, the reality is not like that. A lifetime story of eating only one food probably applies to T-Rex or tyrannosaurs. They are the most recognizable predatory dinosaurs for their extremely aggressive build and huge size, allowing them to take down any prey in a second. Because of this aggressive nature, other carnivorous dinosaurs as well as the T-Rex were called lords at the time.

Hunting small prey isn't enough to conserve their energy, so this T-Rex will often seek out larger species to fill its stomach. And what could be more ideal than gentle and large herbivores? However, there are exceptions. Spinosaurus - the world's largest carnivorous dinosaur with a system of spines running down its spine - especially loved to eat fish. Scientists think there are at least a few other species with this habit. This is because they have crocodile-like teeth and nose, suitable for catching prey underwater.

Also, many other dinosaurs are more gentle, they only eat plants and have no hunting habits. According to statistics, the number of herbivorous dinosaurs is 6 times more than the number of carnivorous dinosaurs. So if you thought all dinosaurs were dangerous and wild, you probably misunderstood them.

"In any ecosystem, herbivores have always been greater in number. Even today, deer in the same area have always been larger than wolves." - Quoting Jordan Mallon, a paleontologist at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Some studies also prove another interesting fact that the larger the dinosaurs, the more likely they were herbivores. For example, Sauropod dinosaurs, known as the largest creatures in Earth's history, were herbivores. But they don't just eat one type of herb, the menu includes ferns, ginkgo...

What is worrying is the speed with which they eat. To serve this large body, they must eat hundreds of pounds of food each day, and even eat large stones to aid digestion. But if such food isn't for species like T-Rex and Raptor to hold them back, plants on Earth will soon become extinct.

In short, it turns out that dinosaurs also had varied eating preferences, consistent with their body composition, personality, and instincts. And their menu isn't sketchy at all: carnivores, fish eaters, even vegetarians eat up to hundreds of kilograms of all kinds of plants a day.

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