Authored by Jessie Smith

Pirate Bay: Is it immortal?

Although technology is always changing, thepiratebay has remained resilient and unaffected. Millions of users still have access to the website despite it frequently being criticised and banned by authorities all around the world. People have continued to use the website to download movies, TV shows, games, and photos despite the access restrictions.

Over twenty nations now have access restrictions on the website. Among them are Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. But numerous other nations and localities can access the website. Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Belarus, Mexico, and other nations are included in this list in large numbers.

But unlike other pirate websites that have failed due to several lawsuits against them or a crowded market, The Pirate Bay has survived. The ship is still dealing with a tonne of legal issues, regional restrictions, and significant fines.

However, in order to overcome all of these challenges, the users of this website must continue to be unwavering in their support. The website is totally dependent on donations and advertising funded by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, and Litecoin as it does not charge for its services. The company uses these funds to continue to run over the years.

Despite the limitations, The Pirate Bay still offers free content to millions of users. Regarding these limitations and legal matters, there are still legal uncertainties.

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