Authored by Megan Humbert

Accessing AnimeDao

Since they genuinely intended to meet the needs of their consumers, FYI, the AnimeDao domain will keep changing when the site is prohibited. Verify the domain that AnimeDao is presently utilising before continuing. Any device with an internet connection and a web browser can view the material.

  1. Open any of your preferred browsers on the device you wish to use to stream AnimeDao from.

  2. Visit the AnimeDao webpage.

  3. After connecting to a VPN, browse or perform a search for the content you wish to view.

  4. Click the Play button while your cursor is over the video you wish to watch.

  5. Your smartphone will start playing the anime material.

Since AnimeDao is not an official website, we advise using a PC to stream content there. The placement of the video titles and icon sets is poor on mobile devices.

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